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About Background Checks

A background check is a compilation of official records, documents, and other information concerning a particular individual. They are often conducted in order to provide information about a certain individual’s responsibility and character in the form of past personal and financial decisions. Background checks are often conducted when hired at a new place of employment, or during court proceedings. The procedure is a time-consuming process that can take months to complete.

If you or your legal firm is in need of a background check or another process service, the Houston records retrieval specialists at Stratos Legal are ready to assist. Call 800-971-1127 today to speak with a member of our legal team about how we can help you advance your case.

Areas Examined by Background Checks

A background check attempts to construct a legal “biography” concerning a person’s employment, financial, and criminal history.

Normally, background checks may include information about the following areas:

  • Places of employment
  • Gaps in employment history
  • Identity / address verification
  • Criminal history
  • Credit history
  • History of arrest

Not all background checks are the same, and the background check ordered may or may not cover one or all of the aforementioned areas.

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The Houston records retrieval specialists at Stratos Legal are experienced compiling a variety of different types of background reports. No matter the nature of your case, Stratos Legal is dedicating to providing the highest quality court reporting services possible. To speak with a member of our staff about the options pertaining to your case, call 800-971-1127 today.

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