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Benefits of Recording Your Settlement Conferences

Some people find that the process of settling a civil suit can be stressful with clients on either side of the issue being vindictive or difficult to deal with when in the same room as each other. To have a successful settlement, both parties must want the issue or proceedings to end without taking the case any further. Although the involved parties are legally bound to follow through on what is decided during a settlement, having a recording of the proceedings can be beneficial in a number of ways.

If you or your law firm is in need of professional recording services for a settlement conference, our Houston court reporters can meet your needs. Contact our offices at 800-971-1127 today to learn more about high quality videography services.

Benefits of Recording Settlement Conferences

Whether it’s because you are afraid the other party might contest or back out of an agreement or simply wish to have an accurate record of a conference, having a video companion to your notes or memory can be advantageous. Some benefits are:

  • Evidence of agreements or actions
  • Reliable record of proceedings
  • Clear and high quality audio of the proceedings

Whether for legal or record-keeping purposes, videoing a settlement conference is an easy and cost-efficient option for recording this legal proceeding.

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The legal videographers at Stratos Legal are ready to help you strengthen your case or efficiently settle it. Contact a Houston court reporting team today by calling 800-971-1127.

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