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Benefits of StratosLink Security

Information is often the most valuable asset a company has. Whether it’s intellectual property, trade secrets or simply the personal information of employees, clients or witnesses, much information must be kept secure and private from those who might want to use it for personal gain or illegal purposes. Fortunately, Stratos Legal has developed software that provides our clients with the highest level of encryption when they need to share important documents or video chat with clients, to keep any information divulged or shared private.

If you and your team need software that is secure enough to share sensitive information through, contact the Houston court reporters of Stratos Legal at 800-971-1127 today to learn more about StratosLink, our hi-definition audio and video desktop conferencing system.

Benefits of StratosLink Security

Our encryption methods meet HIPAA compliance standards, meaning that information regarding personal health information can be shared via StratosLink. Given the sensitivity of such information, being HIPPA compliant assures our clients that they can use our software for even the most sensitive of information. Given the prevalence of self-described hackers and other digital criminals, sharing information on the internet can be risky. Our security offers the following for our clients:

  • Dependable audio and video transmission
  • Secure transference of information
  • Peace of mind

Using unsecured methods or programs to handle and transfer information is often an invitation to malicious people who would gladly steal such data to use against you.

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Do not risk your sensitive information with a less secure means of communication. Contact a Houston court reporter of Stratos Legal today at 800-971-1127 to see how StratosLink can help you.

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