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Often, the outcome of a legal case may depend on the testimony of just one witness. Unfortunately for litigators, there are times when this individual may be difficult to find, or their whereabouts may be unknown. Without the proper training and access to necessary databases, it may be impossible to uncover the current location of a particular person.

If you or someone you know is in need of witness location services, the experienced witness locators of Stratos Legal may be able to help. Contact our offices at 800-971-1127 to discuss your needs with a member of our witness location team today.

Benefits of a Witness Location Service

Most people do not have the time or resources necessary to locate a witness in a limited time frame. Witness location services are comprised of specialized investigators who are dedicated to finding individuals critical to legal cases. Some of the benefits of a professional third party service may include:

  • Access to private databases
  • Licensed investigators working to find your witness while you work on other aspects of the case
  • Availability of background checking and asset searches
  • Fast, comprehensive information about the person in question

Witness location may take a significant amount of effort and time and as such, enlisting the support of a professional service may allow your law firm to focus on other aspects of the case.

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The knowledgeable witness location professionals of Stratos Legal understand how important your time is and we are prepared to help you make the most of it. Contact our offices today at 800-971-1127 to discuss your case with a Houston court reporters today.

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