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Importance of a great legal support team

Posted on January 28th, 2011 No Comments

Investigators are an important part of a case because the discovery of information is what is needed to win.

Wherever you are in North America, you may need experienced service that can help you in court. While involved in a trial, a person may need background checks done, a witness located, or assets searched and experienced help can make this stressful time a little easier.

The licensed private investigators of Houston are experienced and know what it takes to get the information you need in order to win the case. Contact Stratos legal to speak to the Houston process service experts today today by calling 800-971-1127.

Importance in retrieving records for court

Posted on January 21st, 2011 No Comments

When involved in some type of legal case, the right records can be the difference on whether you win or not. Choosing a firm that can quickly and accurately retrieve the records that you need, may be the most important thing that you do while preparing for court.

One important factor, is to make sure that you can retrieve the records instantly when needed in court and with the latest technology today, this is possible.

Some records that you are able to retrieve and that will be very useful to you are Social Security records, death certificates, legal notices, medical records, employment records, banking records, and real estate records.

If you need experienced firm that can help you retrieve the records you need and who is dedicated to helping you win, contact the Houston record retrieval experts of Stratos Legal today by calling 800-971-1127.

Lousiana court reporters filing class action suit

Posted on January 19th, 2011 No Comments

Court reporters in Louisiana are claiming that they are owed thousands of dollars for work that they did and were not payed for. They are filing a class action suit against state and local officials.

According to the local newspaper, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of a court reporter that stated that since 2007, himself and other reporters have transcribed court hearings for people who were convicted of crimes, but could not afford the cost of appeals. Therefore, he and others worked without pay. The lawsuit states that at least 20 reporters were affected.

Court reporting is very important in any case so that you can have written prove of everything that was said, the Houston court reporters at Stratos legal are the best in the business, contact us today by calling 800-971-1127.

When is video recording necessary?

Posted on January 14th, 2011 No Comments

As technology improves, attorneys are becoming more proficient in using video testimony to strengthen their cases.  Edited and synchronized video is a tangible way to present evidence in the courtroom, allowing jurors to see portions of testimony highlighted and blown up as the witness’ deposition plays.  This enables attorneys to make their point quickly and keep testimony interesting, just as seen on the juror’s favorite legal television drama.

However, it is imperative that any legal video used in trial is clear and professional.  Not everyone can create properly organized, synchronized and edited legal videos to fit your needs.  At Stratos Legal, we can help with a variety of video options to enhance your message.  To learn more, contact a Houston video expert today at 800-971-1127.

  • HD Video Depositions
  • Documentaries
  • On-site Videography
  • Editing
  • Synchronization to transcript
  • Settlement Videos

Benefits of real-time court reporting

Posted on January 13th, 2011 No Comments

With technology today, things are made possible that were not before. For example, the transcription software that translates a court reporters keystrokes into text is making court reporting much more efficient.

This now allows people to see what is being said in real time and the instant typing of spoken words allows for attorneys and lawyers to markup the text in order to speak about it later if needed.

The text can appear on monitors in the court room, but computers can also hook up to the system and allow people to see the script from remote locations. Also, the system can save you money because now less manpower is needed in the courtroom.

If you or a loved one has been looking fro legal support experts, contact the Houston court reporters of Statos Legal by calling 800-971-1127 today.

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