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Why are you spending so much on depositions?

Stratos Legal finally has an answer: StratosLink. It is the only Hi-def audio and video conferencing solution available at the desktop level in the legal industry. No more need to travel halfway across the country for a 3-hour deposition. No more need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive video conferencing center at your firm. In fact, StratosLink is cheaper than any other traditional video conferencing solution on the market!

For as little as a few hundred dollars per depo, StratosLink allows for attorneys to take depositions from their OWN computers in their OWN offices. In an era of shrinking legal budgets, expensive travel, and lost productivity because of time spent out of the office, StratosLink makes it possible to increase billable hours.

Key Features

  • Provides the most enhanced-bandwidth for video and audio
  • Entirely web-based
  • Exhibits can be shared; documents can be highlighted and expanded on screen
  • Highest level of encryption (HIPPA compliant)
  • Privacy feature allows for blocking others from viewing you during depositions
  • Scalable up to 20 different parties on a depo
  • Stratos Legal provides state-of-the-art web camera and speaker phone to all parties on the deposition
  • Full-time support provided by Stratos Legal at no extra charge
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